We save you from having to deal with day to day issues and make sure that a check and balance stays in place to keep the agent on track. We assume the management of the agent and removal as needed without any uncomfortable conversations or meetings. One of the best things about working with us is that you'll never be locked into a lengthy listing agreement with an agent that you can't get out of.
There are many benefits to working with us, but our clients favorite is that you'll never need to have another awkward meeting with your agent to discuss their lack luster performance or even worse the "you're fired" meeting. Imagine the peace in knowing you can call your personal concierge about an issue, have an enjoyable discussion and know that they'll take care of all the headache for you. We properly match an agent to each home and sellers needs, provide a buffer to protect the homeowner from problems and conflict, and make sure the agents keep your home fresh and unique to the market each day.
RECS was founded by industry experts performing in the top 1% of agents nationwide and personally involved in almost 2,000 real estate transactions prior to creating RECS. We've seen more than most real estate offices see in a lifetime and we have applied this knowledge to protecting our clients best interests.
RECS is a Real Estate Concierge Service specifically tailored to meet client needs.  We exist to simplify the process of selling your home and remove the common headaches. Buying or selling a home is typically the most stressful transaction an individual will ever face, but with RECS you'll have a personal concierge to take away your worries and help you make the best decisions.

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