Make Purchasing Your Home Enjoyable

Are you looking for your dream home?

Let RECS match you up with the best buyers agent in your area. By using RECS for your home purchase you get all the advantages of having your our concierge service to help you with scheduling, communicating with your buyers agent and assisting you with what can seem like an overwhelming amount of paperwork.

Already found your dream home?

Our experienced team of real estate professionals can help you with the purchase. You still get all the perks of having a RECS concierge and we give you back 25% of the buying agent commission at the close of escrow. You can use that money to help purchase furniture, appliances, help with remodeling or even help pay a few months mortgage payments.

A home is the biggest purchase of your life.

We recognize that purchasing a home is more than just a giant financial decision that requires professional advice. A home purchase also carries many emotional concerns such as is this a safe neighborhood or will my kids be attending a good school. Your experienced personal concierge will be there to ensure we choose an agent that understands all the concerns you as a home buyer may have.

We only use top performing agents

We analyze every agent in your area before selecting the one that is best suited to find your new home.

Free and impartial

RECS is 100% free to you. Agents must be selected by us based on performance and cannot pay to be listed with us.

Less time and headaches

We're not a referral service. We assign you a dedicated concierge and top agent to assist you every step of the way.

A few companies we work with


We're not just another family friend.

Many people meet their real estate agent through a family or friend referral. Everyone seems to know someone in real estate.

Sometimes referrals work out, but unfortunately many times it doesn't and ends up leading to unmet expectations, disappointment, frustration and an uncomfortable conversation when you have to fire them.

We eliminate all these issues for you by matching you with the agent best qualified to your specific needs. Stop gambling with your time and money.