No pressure

Never worry about having another awkward or heated conversation with your agent again. Tell your concierge your concern or frustration and we’ll take care of the rest.

Less paperwork

Nobody likes paperwork so we’ve reduced it to only the necessary documents. We’re saving trees and your sanity.

Higher selling price

We only work with the top 5% of real estate agents which data shows can negotiate up to a 9% higher selling price than the average agent.

Never be in the dark

Silence isn’t always a good thing especially when it comes to selling a home. Our staff will communicate with you every step of the way.

Stress Free Selling

We exist to serve our clients. The purpose of our company is to make your life and the home selling process, simple, stress free and get you the most for your home.

It’s time that you have someone you can count on to ensure a successful home sale.

Assigned Concierge

As soon as you begin working with RECS we will assign you a dedicated concierge that will be with you through every step of selling your home. Now you’ll have an experienced concierge to answer your questions, keep your agent on track and make sure you get the most for your home.

Experience Matters

Our founders have over 40 years of combined real estate experience and are ranked in the top 1% of agents nationwide having sold almost 2,000 homes.

Never Stuck With An Agent

Through our unique business model we have eliminated the worry of being stuck in a contract with an agent. You’ll never need to fire an agent or wait until the contract expires again. We’ll handle all the firing and hiring.

We only use top performing agents

We analyze every agent in your area before selecting the one that is best suited to find your new home.

Free and impartial

RECS is 100% free to you. Agents must be selected by us based on performance and cannot pay to be listed with us.

Less time and headaches

We're not a referral service. We assign you a dedicated concierge and top agent to assist you every step of the way.

What do wealthy people do different when selling a home?

The wealthy have been using concierge and acquisition specialists for years to avoid the headache, stress and time that dealing with an agent directly requires. Imagine selling your home knowing that your concierge will be dealing with your agent and giving you updates along the way. Real estate concierge services are not exclusive to those who can afford it anymore. Get your personal concierge today!

We're not just another family friend.

Many people meet their real estate agent through a family or friend referral. Everyone seems to know someone in real estate.

Sometimes referrals work out, but unfortunately many times it doesn't and ends up leading to unmet expectations, disappointment, frustration and an uncomfortable conversation when you have to fire them.

We eliminate all these issues for you by matching you with the agent best qualified to your specific needs. Stop gambling with your time and money.

Numbers Don't Lie

% Of Agents Qualify To Work With us

% Of All Listings Expire

% Of Agents Quit The 1st Year

Risk Selling With RECS

These numbers represent real estate industry specific percentages for each of the above categories.

Are you looking for your dream home?

Let RECS match you up with the best buyers agent in your area. By using RECS for your home purchase you get all the advantages of having your our concierge service to help you with scheduling, communicating with your buyers agent and assisting you with what can seem like an overwhelming amount of paperwork.

Already found your dream home?

Our experienced team of real estate professionals can help you with the purchase. You still get all the perks of having a RECS concierge and we give you back 25% of the buying agent commission at the close of escrow. You can use that money to help purchase furniture, appliances, help with remodeling or even help pay a few months mortgage payments.

A few companies we work with


What Others Are Saying About Us

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what its like for those that wish they knew about RECS sooner.

Buying and selling our homes have always been such a stressful experience in the past. I can recall hours of research, countless agent interviews, let downs, and mountains of papers that I was just asked to sign with no explanation. If someone asked me if I would like a free concierge to help me with all this and not have to deal with my agent anymore I would have taken the offer immediately. So thankful I have the option this time.

Jason B.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

My neighbor recently told me about RECS and right away I wished this existed when I sold my vacation home in Lake Arrowhead. The entire process was such an ordeal, very stressful and the paperwork was confusing. When the papers arrived I didn't have anyone to help me or explain what I was supposed to do with each document. I'm so glad someone is making home selling easier and I can't believe its free too.

Joan S.
Lake Forest, CA

I've sold multiple properties over the years and none of the sales were extremely disappointing, but I would have loved having a concierge managing my agent for me. Being a business owner demands a lot of my time and having a concierge that would have found me the best agent, explain all the paperwork to me, checked up on offers, etc would have saved me a lot of valuable time. I will definitely use RECS when I sell my home.

Scott S.
Newport Beach, CA